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A Drop of Love in TVXQ's Red Ocean

the ramblings of an international Cassiopeian

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Title: Remember?
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Length: Ficlet
Summary: As Jaejoong walks along the streets of Seoul, he reminisces about all the good (and bad) times he had with Yunho.


I walk down the road, taking in the sights, the smells, the sounds. I make sure to pay extra attention this time. After all, I may not be able to sense all this again. In the distance, a school bell rings shrilly, piercing through the loud, obnoxious sounds of traffic. Children flood out of the gates to meet a dam of anxious parents. I smile.

Remember the days when we were in kindergarten, Yunho? You used to laugh at me all the time because I wouldn’t play war with all the other boys and sat quietly by myself in the corner, playing by myself. And then you’d get everyone else to laugh at me too. Nobody would ever have thought we’d end up best buddies by first grade.

A little further down the road, I come across a ramyun shop. Waiters and waitresses bustle around inside, carrying bowls of steaming noodles. The delicious aroma of beef and soup base wafts enticingly out of the door as yet another customer steps into the ramyun wonderland.

Remember the time in high school when we secretly went out for ramyun together, just you and me? We weren’t even supposed to be in contact with each other. Yet we snuck out to have a meal together. Of course, we were discovered and dragged back home after only a few mouthfuls of noodles. Your parents grounded you for a month, but not before a lengthy lecture about how much of a bad influence I was on you. My parents just told me the same lies about you having dirty blood, for the umpteenth time.

Passing by the community park, I see a pair of lovers, arms entwined, strolling leisurely along the flower-lined path. They only have eyes for each other. As I watch, he gently pulls his arm free and drapes it over her shoulders, pulling her close. She giggles and lays her head on his shoulder.

Remember our brief, rocky romance? It seemed to be going wonderfully in the beginning. You were the lyrics, and I was the melody. I was yours and only yours, you promised your heart to no one but me. We were so happy – and then people started looking at us funny. Even the old ajusshi down the road stared when we walked down the street holding hands. And then the rumours and the nasty insults came thick and fast. They called us abnormal and unnatural. They pointed at us, whispering, “Spawn of the devil.” Shunned by society, we weren’t strong enough to stubbornly stick through it. We broke up and your health took a turn for the worse.

Just ahead is the apartment complex that you live in. Your apartment is very modern and always up-to-date with the latest fashions, but the exterior of the building is old and decrepit. I shudder at the state of the building. Paint peeling, main gate rusting, sections of the walls cracked and crumbling… It looks as if it’s going to collapse any minute. You have all the money in the word, and yet you choose to live in a place like this. I shake my head amusedly.

Remember what a good businessman you turned out to be? With brains and business sense like yours, you were destined for success. After you got your postgraduate degree, you set up your own company. A year later, you were raking in profits. Nobody was surprised when you became a millionaire at twenty-four. Always the overachiever, Yunho. You were the wealthiest bachelor in the district and the girls were practically lining up at the door. You turned all of them away. Everyone thought you were playing hard-to-get, but I knew better.

I enter the building, go up in the lift, walk down the corridor and arrive in front of the door to your apartment. I unlock the door with the spare key you secretly had made for me years ago. I know you’re waiting for me inside. Sure enough, as I step into the hall, I see you sprawled over the sofa. I take off my shoes and make my way over to you. Settling myself on the sofa next to you, I gather your peaceful form in my arms.

“Remember me, Yunho?” I whisper as I hold your cold, lifeless body. “Remember all the good times we had?” Remember all that we had before society tore us apart and you fell into depression? Remember how much I loved you, even as you stopped talking and just watched me, eyes burning? Remember how I begged you to come back, to go back to being the sweet, smart, mature Yunho that I knew?

Remember how, even then, nobody would let us be together and instead forced me to stay away from you, insisting that seeing me less would help you recover?

Remember the taste of the poison that you swallowed the morning after I told you I would never see you again?

Remember how I stole your body from the hospital morgue and brought it home with me, hiding it in a rolled-up carpet?

“Remember this, Yunho?” I hold up the bottle of poison that you drank from. I show it to glassy eyes that cannot see, touch the cold surface to pale skin that cannot feel. “Remember our promise, Yunho?”

Remember the day under the cool shade of the trees when we made that pact, that if either of us died, the other would go the same way?

I press a soft kiss to your icy cheek as I unstopper the bottle.

“Wait for me, Yunho. I’m coming.”


A/N: Inspired while walking to school, written during math class. This fic is one of my personal favourites (not just amongst the three fics that I have posted, but also amongst all the half-finished fics sitting in my hard drive), mainly because of how it made me feel as I was writing it. It is also my first real angst, and I hope I didn't do too badly a job with it. I hope that while reading this, you felt as much as I felt while writing it.

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Remember the day under the cool shade of the trees when we made that pact, that if either of us died, the other would go the same way?

I press a soft kiss to your icy cheek as I unstopper the bottle.

“Wait for me, Yunho. I’m coming.”

Best part of the whole fic. Btw, rolled up carpet?

Glad you liked that part. And yeah, a rolled-up carpet. I figured it was a lot less conspicuous than a body bag.

Wow. Goosebumps but really good.

*wipe tears* this is so beautiful!! I love it for the fact they will be together forever where no one can stop them from letting their love grow more!! Just an osm job....thanku!!

poor yun and jae. :( it seems that's the only way they can be together.
good job on the fic. :)

OMG you are great! So sad ;o;

Did Yunho drank the poison because of the depression he got from society? Because no one approve Yunjae relationship?

OmG I cant... TT_____TT

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