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Yunho and Jaejoong Hiding in a Tree...
Title: Yunho and Jaejoong Hiding in a Tree...
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: Crack, Smut
Rating: M
Length: Ficlet, Poem
Summary: The Yunjae version of the children's playground song. Except that they're doing a little more than just K-I-S-S-I-N-G.


Yunho and Jaejoong hiding in a tree
First comes lust, then comes bondage
Then comes frolicking in lush green foliage

Skin to skin and plea to plea
Muffled screams of ecstasy
Branches shaking and leaves a-rustle
Then a teasing glimpse of muscle

Tension builds and the shaking grows
Voices moaning, thinking no one knows
Then the loudest cries as the great tree heaves
Untapped sap trickles through the leaves

The branches stop shaking; the rustlings cease
The troubled tree is finally at peace
While the lovers inside lie unaware
That someone’s been watching far from there



Changmin smirked as the door to his bedroom slammed open and a furious Jaejoong marched into his room, dressed in no more than a few smears of come and leaves, with his poem, his masterpiece, crushed into a ball in his hand. Ten minutes of death threats and promises of revenge later, when all was quiet again, he turned and gazed out of the window, at a very special tree that had granted him a first-class view of the performance.


A/N: Inspired by a friend's comment about how the design on another friend's wallet looked like a koala humping an apple. She started to sing, "Apple and koala sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G." I couldn't resist.

thank you~ glad to make you laugh!

LOL! That was funny and creative bb <3

LMAO. that was awesomely unique!
thanks for writing! :3

Damn~ very good! ;D
And oh~ Changminnie how I love you and your evil genius ways xD
♥ xx

lol yeahhh evil Changmin rocks ^^

this is pure brilliance XD

LMAO i love it, very creative indeed... changmin is such a jerk lmao i love him too

thank you :) and sorry if this sounds totally eyeroll-worthy, but what does LMHF mean? (#^.^#)

Changmin is a genius~! lolololololol I will never look at that rhyme the same way again.

hahaha I feel so honoured to change your view!

LOL. brilliant view minnie~ xP

LMAO. i even sang along to this. XDDD

oh wow the rhythem totally went well with the observation and changming the very sly perverted fanboy he is has proven himself again of his work of genius! (gives you star) very awesome work dear! *__*


1. poem is amazing!!!
2. LOL at fierce JaeJoong scolding Min xD

bwahahaha! yunjae helps min to be creative.

^^ yeah, yunjae is just inspirational, isn't it?


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